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BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) 3D Printer

BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) 3D Printer
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    BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) 3D Printer
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    0 Year



About BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) 3D Printer
 BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) is the newer upgraded model to BEETHEFIRST. The standouts for this model vs the older model printer are that it has a newer designer extruder capable of printing with more materials especially TPU (Fleixble).

The wow factor for BEETHFIRST+ (Plus) is that it can resume printing from an absolute power loss. This means if the power is cut it can be resume. Simply plug the printer back into your computer and wait for BEESOFT to ask if you would like to resume the print.

This feature is fairly powerful as it gives you the ability to turn thepower of on the printer, take it to another room or office and then resume straight from where it left off.

The printer still prints a volume of 190 x 135 x 125mm, does not have a heated platform howevere it is removable, this makes it only capable of printing materials that do not require a heated platform. (ABS is not possible)

The lack of an LCD Panel or SD Card Reader, makes it a requirement to have a computer to plug into it. Its only apparent method of connection is via USB Cable.

It is worth mentioning that you can use BEEVERYCREATIVE°›s BEECONNECT device to add the ability to control and operate the printer via an LCD Panel with added ability to load/unload and print via USB Memory Key/USB Memory Stick.

About the Software supplied with BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus)

BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) is provided with downloadable software BEESOFT. BEEVERYCREATIVE°›s very own slicing software package that is open source. The feature set in BEESOFT is continuously under development but it is worth mentionting the following.

You can adjust layer hieghts, turn on and off rafts, turn on and off supports. It does not have an option to adjust temperure by default.

This software has a predifned list of filaments that are called BEESUPPLY and by choosing or telling the software what filament is loaded the optimal print settings are set based on this.

It is worth mentioning that the sotware does allow you to print from GCODE that could be created with other slicers. Simplify3D is one program you can use with BEETHEFIRST. It also allows you to export the GCODE generated from within BEESOFT allowing you to put the file onto a USB Memory Key/USB Memory Stick to print via BEECONNECT.

In Depth with BEETHFIRST+(Plus)
 The 3D Printer has an acrylic molded white housing, with a laser cut sheet metal frame. All componenets of the 3D Printer seem well covered and hard to get to.

BEEVERYCREATIVE have assumed your need to access any of the componentry not necessary and this alone at least seems conforting to know.

The added bonus of a carry handle justifies its styled design making it a portable printer and easy to maneuver.

A Led lighting strip that highlights the platform making it not only look nice but easier to see your 3D Prints appear out of thin air.

A heat protecting shroud covers the hot compnents of the printer and only preturdes a little. This makes it in our opinion very difficult to get your hands burnt with accidentally movement in and around the moving parts of the machine.

The location of the spool holder is designed specifically for BEESUPPLY Roles, the rolls are 330g in weight. Although this is not favourable the printer does not have a chip or any smarts to recognize the material loaded so you can like many 3D Printers use alternate materials mounted on your own ingenius spool holder design.

The new extruder as pictured below allows you to print with more materials, and thanks to BEEVERYCREATIVE they have given you the ability to print a special spool holder that allows you to remove the handle and feed the fiament in from the top of the printer.

Whats in the Box

The following items are in the BEETHEFIRST+ (Plus) Box (BEEPACK)

3D Printer
 1 x Roll of PLA
 Acrylic Printing Platform
 USB Cable
 AU Power Chord
 Allen Key
 Roll of Blue Painters Tape


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