MSY uses Australia Post for sending our goods and covers most locations in Australia. MSY does not accept international orders.

Our online system automatically calculates the shipping cost based on distance, quantity, item size and packaging required. We are also able to ship custom-built PC and if you like to, please email the delivery centre with respect to your state. Orders are usually shipped within 5 - 7 business day of receiving your order. The average delivery time is between 3 - 7 days. Some delivery may take longer due to being a promotional item, special order, custom-built system, delays from our carrier etc.  A tracking number is also issued for every order.

Delivery Centre

Nation wide

The Definitions of the Metropolitan area used for each state

Metro AreaPostcode
Sydney Metro 1000-2249, 2555-2579, 2740-2786, 2890
Melbourne Metro 3000-3210, 3335-3341, 3425-3443, 3750-3811, 3910-3920, 3926-3944, 3972-3978, 3980-3983, 8000-8999
Brisbane Metro 4000-4209, 4500-4549, 4900-4999, 9000-9596
Adelaide Metro 5000-5199, 5800-5999
Perth Metro 6000-6214, 6800-6999


After placing your order and you have selected to pickup, a request will be sent to your chosen branch. You will also receive an automated email confirming your order has been placed.Once your order is ready, you will be given an order number which you would bring to collect your order. If you do not collect it within 48 hours of receiving the order, your order will be cancelled.Payments are completed in store and cannot be done online. We are working to getting more payment options in the future.We do get many orders a day and do endeavour to respond to all orders. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please email the store or call us.

If you have any question or concern, please send an email to