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       Prices Subject to Change Without Further Notices, E & E.O.

       All Prices List Here Based On Pick Up By Customers ONLY

   Direct Deposit (D.D.) Is Accepted Only Customers Who Arrange and Pick Up By Their Own Courier

    We are very sorry, at this stage we strictly can't arrange any delivery services or C.O.D. for customers

MSY Victoria Branches Is Rank In Microsoft System Builder Volume 33rd Biggest System Builder In Australia (Q1)

               (This Figure is not include N.S.W. & Queensland branches and System buyer without Operating System installed

“Free of Charge for Installation-Customer Bring Their Own Copy of Windows Operating System (strongly recommend) or Purchase from us”

                                                        Notebook (Laptop) Prices list (Update Weekly)

                                       Latest Updated : 01st, December 2010

                                                                            MSY Full Range Systems

                     DDR3 Upgrade Value Pack (AMD)    DDR3 Upgrade Value Pack (Intel) 

                     DDR3 Power Value Pack (AMD)       DDR3 Power Value Pack (Intel)

          Intel DDR3 Pro 1                 Intel DDR3 Pro 2                    Intel DDR3 Pro 3             Intel DDR3 Pro 4

 AMD/Intel DDR3 Gamer 1      AMD/Intel DDR3 Gamer 2     AMD/Intel DDR3 Gamer 3     AMD DDR3 Gamer 4


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